Six women’s franchise marketing skills

compared with men, women enjoy shopping more shoppers in the process, so the modiste stores need to pay attention to the characteristics of female shopping more deals with an antidote against the disease, the correct marketing skills.

A, the woman is delicate animal, to grasp every detail of


two, men with women more purchasing power

in the analysis of a large number of women’s case, we found a very interesting phenomenon: when a man to accompany together when shopping in the store, women stay longer and more willing to try on clothes, were more likely to spend more money, the customer will be female; try some different styles and listen, peer evaluation, which is very different from men’s clothing sales. The guide should do is how to arrange the men in the companion, a lady to try on at the same time, let the men sat down to pour him a cup of coffee or Green Tea, finally after the customer to try, by the way to ask another: "your friends wear this dress well?" on peer language, the transaction will become relatively easy for many.

Female customer

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