UNQLO share success for 30 years

now mentioned UNIQLO, the influence of people no longer stay in public events before the hot issue, is more concerned about the new UNIQLO store in winter if there is a suitable one, passed through 30 years, it is how to do it?

if is TOYOTA’s Akiotoyoda Sun Zhengyi, the financial oligarchy is understandable, but, in charge of UNIQLO Yanai from 2009 promotion to Japan’s richest man, after 4 consecutive years, in addition to the 2011, have maintained Yanai Japan’s rich position.

2012, UNIQLO will become the world’s fourth largest fast fashion brand, in the Spanish fast fashion brand ZARA, Swedish fast fashion brand H& after M and the fast fashion brand GAP.

Ryui Masa will be pushed on the position of Japan’s richest man in 2009, "Forbes" magazine published Ryui Masa as the richest man in Japan, in 2012 2013, then in 2010, he won the three crown, keep Japan’s first rich position. Until this year, Alibaba, Japan’s Softbank group CEO Sun Zhengyi due to hold about 7.8% stake in Alibaba, replacing Ryui Masa, the richest man in japan.

do for />30 years?In fact, UNIQLO is the first

1999, UNIQLO obtained a leap since the establishment of the largest, thanks to its star product "fleece" fleece. By 2000, UNIQLO has put the fleece sweater to nearly 1/3 Japanese, it will become Japan’s largest clothing retailer dimension. The fleece products also help UNIQLO to enter the Japanese overseas market outside. UNIQLO’s global expansion began this year.

2007, Japan Harajuku opened UT flagship store, Misaki Sato, and the "canned t-shirt design makes this T-shirt series out of the original" hypermarket "image, has become fashionable, after UNIQLO around the UT also do a lot of articles.

2014 years, UT was Nagao Zhimin (NIGO) re positioning as a new generation T-shirt, launched about 30 themes, more than 1200 kinds of colors and patterns, set off a wave of UT.

UNIQLO may be and technology go recently compared to the "fashion clothing company, Ltd., Ryui Masa is willing to put the position as a" UNIQLO technology company". Because the application of technology to the daily dress, in Ryui Masa seems to be able to recommend

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