How to open a dessert shop

dessert is everyone’s favorite, if you want to open a dessert store, then every year there is a new profit growth, dessert franchise business to make money is well-known. So how to get high profits? Xiao Bian on this issue for everyone to carry out a detailed introduction, I hope to help franchisees.

dessert stores to survive, the goods are the most important, it determines the size of the sales. At present, consumers are still in the functional orientation of the purchase of dessert products, college students and office workers are the main consumer groups, they are generally very picky about the quality and style of goods.

operating dessert when you want to know the loss of the cost control is a big problem. Because there is a new feature of the dessert available, the impact of the market, a special dessert on the shelf for one or two weeks to sell, it may not sell out. According to industry estimates, and now the industry as a whole, the average rate of more than 10%, even if the control is good, the business is more prosperous shop, loss rate is about 2%~3%.

dessert stores mainly in the retail, office workers are the main customers, because the workers are relatively young, accept new things quickly, and the use of special dessert in high frequency, generally follow the latest styles and best quality. Only a combination of the two is the most popular specialty desserts. So they have to go to the field every week to purchase, to ensure that the new weekly available. At the same time, in the premise of ensuring novel style, but also to win the quality. For consumers, every day to use, if the quality does not pass, it will not work.

the above is about the dessert stores how to operate the franchisee to related information real concern of the industry, but also help the dessert franchise owner, timely and accurately grasp the business situation, for the daily sales statistics, and according to the sales of products to make additional project, arrange promotion plan, all have the most valuable reference effect.

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