What equipment should be prepared to open an optical shop

glasses of profit, many people want to open an optical shop, but do not know what to prepare for work. What do you need to open an optical shop? Is it expensive? Different shop area, different business operations, the need to open an optical shop, of course, the instrument is not the same, today to introduce you to the situation!




Dadian (not capped a total investment of more than 500 thousand) configuration: computer optometry instrument (import), computer integrated refractometer, cast, lens box, keratometer (also comes with computer optometry instrument), tonometer, slit lamp, computer power meter, computer milling machine / semi automatic or intelligent, multifunctional vision light box, plastic assembly (detection of small tools equipment in 200 thousand yuan of above is not capped)

note: in store with large Xiangleyixia is difficult to determine the total investment, with the difference of area, city size, different sections of store rents too big relations. Some places may be 220 thousand of the rent is not enough.

by the above description we can see, different size glasses shop, cost is different, if you want to open shop, we must first understand their own strength, to determine the size of the store according to their own situation, so that you can successfully open shop.


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