Returning home Entrepreneurship let the hard to leave a new vitality

, the State Council has issued opinions, as a part of management activities, to encourage migrant workers and people involved in the home business. More young people home business, will enable the vast rural prosperity, can promote employment, increase income, promote the integration of urban and rural construction fast forward.

"my melon is a yellow, a dark green." In the agricultural society and the seventh session of the Sixth International Conference of China agricultural community support on Beijing before the Shunyi held the fair, Sheng Pengfei enthusiastically to reporters from his "white melon tribute". The conference gathered a large number of young people engaged in agricultural entrepreneurship, their access to the road of agriculture has been widely concerned.

"we are walking a fine fruit line, with a kind of fruit wholesale market dozens of tons of shipping is not the same, our logistics cost is high. I want to make some changes according to changes in the market now, not only is the value of quantity and quality, but also ", " heart; to get consumer recognition."

in love would help, Liu Yichao created the "ancient Natural Beekeeping Honey Project", the traditional knowledge and local experience combined with the local villagers together launched rich beekeeping.

"villagers don’t have to go out to work, earn money in the home can, can also take care of the elderly at home, children." Liu Yichao told reporters, now has more than 1000 stable " honey friends " buy our honey, which makes the villagers peace of mind to stay down."

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