The shoes sold out of stock wealth opportunities waiting for you to grab

The word "

" is born from the Internet, in recent years, the network culture has become an indispensable part of people’s lives! Because more and more businesses began to dig the value of its business, read its business through. This word is "?".

"?": the network who doesn’t know me. "? (Jiong)", this was many netizens as "one word" twenty-first Century best recently from the virtual world to jump out into the real life?? a sports brand to seize the influx of people chasing fashion psychology, launched the "shoes?". According to reports, "shoes" from July this year after the listing, consumers have praised this shoe interesting, sales staff also said that the shoes sell well. Experts said that the brand is now the main consumer groups aimed at users, which is the embodiment of the big brand network marketing awareness. Also shows that the internationalization of large brands on the network of public opinion, and users are increasingly becoming the audience of brand products.

in addition to "?" as a selling point of the forum? "," big village? "Network forum has also been sought after network trendsetter. Baidu Post Bar even set up specifically for this word? Now, as of now, Post Bar on "?" the thread has 10600, the network can open the forum? "There are more than 500. In real life, there are people opened a "milk tea" shop, business is very good.


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