This allows you to make your car more beautiful beauty shop

car beauty shop, from the overall point of view to decorate, decoration, there are a lot of skills. Entrepreneurs in front of the car beauty shop, we must do a good job of preparation, we look at the following car beauty shop decoration skills analysis.

A, operating room decoration

operating room is the main facilities for automotive beauty stores, car beauty work is finished here.

: the roof roof in squares (i.e. Aluminum Alloy frame plate lighter) is appropriate, and brand publicity banners hanging.

two, office decoration

office store management and financial personnel work, in addition to the decoration in accordance with the general office, also should meet the following requirements:

1, hanging on the wall of the job responsibilities of staff;

2, set up office chairs and office supplies;

2, set up financial staff counters, the role of the cashier and billing, generally located in the import and export department.

reception room decoration

boutique decoration

window: mainly used for placing products and other commodities, is also used to display promotional items and other display.

counter: counter and the closet is generally even as one of the best counter is not flat > block

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