Symposium held in Heilongjiang innovation and Entrepreneurship


management activities have achieved initial results, the number of entrepreneurs has improved significantly. Governments at all levels to respond positively to the call center, pay attention to innovation and entrepreneurship, in the area to deploy a number of initiatives to further promote the management of activities carried out smoothly.

11 12 in the morning, the Deputy Secretary of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, governor Lu Hao chaired a special meeting to listen to the relevant departments report on the work of the deployment to further promote the province’s public entrepreneurship, innovation related work.

of scientific research personnel should clear combing results, the establishment of the company, hatch, and capital market. The whole process is the industrialization of high-tech achievements of basic law. Clear as long as it is able to increase the income, to produce a better price to market cultivation, breeding, sales and other activities in all industries are the entrepreneurial farmers to organize and mobilize farmers, through the adjustment of planting varieties, increase the sales of agricultural products, there is a link to the deep processing of agricultural products, engaged in agency recommended

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