How to ban barbecue smoke Xuchang way

barbecue in our lives are all familiar with the delicious, especially in the hot summer, the delicious barbecue do not know how many consumers conquered, but the environmental pollution caused by barbecue is not to be ignored. In October 25th, Xuchang announced the "Regulations of Xuchang city appearance and environmental sanitation management to the society" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the Ordinance has been approved by the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s congress. The Ordinance as the first local regulations in Xuchang, will be implemented from January 1, 2017.

how to ban barbecue smoke? Let the city’s environment more beautiful, so that people have a healthy living environment, Xuchang city to take a series of measures for barbecue. According to the regulations, the main street of the city should be built (structure) and its facilities should be kept in good shape. In case of structural damage, wall peeling or pollution, the owner or user of the wall shall be repaired and refreshed in time. Overdue correction, the unit imposed a fine of more than 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, impose fines of more than $1000 to individuals less than $200. In the forbidden area open-air barbecue, can confiscate its barbecue tools and illegal income, impose a fine of 2000 yuan more than $20000 to the unit, impose a fine of more than 500 yuan to individuals and less than $1000.

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