Henan a number of policies to return home to start a new impetus

Henan entrepreneurship support policies? Are there any benefits for the government to return to the entrepreneurial talent? It is reported that Henan City, Nanyang province for the return of entrepreneurial talent in attracting investment projects, service resources and approval are given preferential help.

in recent years, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Fangcheng County combined with the actual situation, many initiatives Zhaocaiyinzhi, a large number of foreign scholars have been in adults with capital and technology to entrepreneurship, promote economic development, promoting employment, making a positive contribution to the economic and social development.

improve the mechanism to strengthen security. The county held a meeting of several thematic studies back to work, listen to opinions and suggestions, coordinate and solve the problem, this year, to help create a coordinated enterprise funds 368 million yuan, crack the problem of the 15, the adoption of rationalization proposals of the 9. At the same time, the township (street) to establish a network of talent outside, set up a leading group, with special office space and full-time staff, to create a sound working mechanism and efficient operation.

nostalgia cohesion, promote regression. In the traditional festival and harvest season in their talent as an opportunity to focus on communication, strengthen family interaction, they held a tea party organization, the forum, and visit the county industrial area or the relevant items, and encouraged them to return to work. At the same time, the county four team leaders, went to Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuxi, Wenzhou and other places to carry out small unit resident investment activities. Has been carried out, the association, friendship exchange activities more than and 40 sessions in the county and outside the organization, and Fangcheng nationality in foreign talent reach home business intention of cooperation projects 58.

excellent environment, stimulate vitality. The county administrative service resource integration, set up a special window to provide network, joint trial of the batch, procedures, preferential policy interpretation, business support for efficient and meticulous service for the return of talent, and the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of the relevant functional departments of the tracking and supervision, and resolutely put an end to the administrative not as slow as as the chaos behavior. At the same time, strengthen the comprehensive management of social environment in key areas, strictly punish illegal interference of normal production and operation enterprises, encourage enterprises to consolidate the professional economic organization, the protection of the existing trademark, create a new brand, to support small and micro enterprise technology project.

as of now, the county has adult workers outside business invested more than 10 million yuan to + more than and 300 enterprises, more than and 60 super billion project, the annual output value of about 4000000000 yuan, 56 thousand to absorb surplus labor at home employment.

To implement policies to support entrepreneurship

students in Henan of Nanyang City, to absorb the rich labor at home business, promote local economic development and employment, has become a new force of economic and social development in Henan.

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