Police record increases in rape, robberies

first_imgAccording to statistics released by the Guyana Police Force on Friday, for the month of June, 2018, there has been a nine per cent decrease in serious crimes, but an alarming nine per cent increase in rape cases, along with an eight per cent increase in robberies.There was a 25 per cent decrease in murder, but a two per cent increase in robbery-under-arms where a firearm were used. There has also been a 28 per cent decrease in robbery-under-arms where instruments other than a firearm were used; and there has been a five per cent decrease in robbery with violence; a 21 per cent decrease in robbery with aggravation; a 30 per cent decrease in larceny from the person; a three per cent decrease in burglary, and a 10 per cent decrease in break and enter and larceny as compared to the same period last year.The GPF recorded some 12 domestic murders, while it seized 67 illegal firearms.On June 9, a Berbice businessman was arrested for allegedly raping a nine-year-old. Reports are that the businessman was at home alone when the child’s mother sent her over to his house. It is still unclear what the child was sent to the house for. However, the girl’s younger brother reported to his teachers that the businessman had, on numerous occasions, touched his sister’s private parts when she visited his home.Following this information the boy provided on what occurred, teachers questioned the girl, and the Police was called in. The girl was taken to the Skeldon Hospital, wheare it was confirmed that she has been sexually molested.Meanwhile, on June 12th, 18-year-old Etzer Hope of Mazaruni, Region Seven, was charged for raping a 17-year-old girl, and was subsequently released on $200,000 bail.On June 20, Tovanie Simmons, a mother of four, lost her life after her ex-husband Imran Lyte knifed her to death because her friends allegedly taunted his newfound lover. He subsequently committed suicide. It was reported that Simmons was visited by her ex-husband and his sister, and they were sitting at the table having a discussion when he started stabbing Simmons. In a bid to escape, Simmons jumped from the veranda into the yard, but Lyte went after her. He reportedly caught up with her and continued stabbing her. After stabbing her about 18 times, he ran away.On June 6, Jainarine Seetaram reportedly used a hammer to murder his wife Bindmatie and their daughter Surujdai Khan, while his 11-year-old son witnessed the incident. The man later committed suicide.Traffic ManagementIn respect to traffic management, there was a 4.3 percent decrease in fatal accidents recorded at the end of June 2018. Serious, minor and damage accidents have also been decreased by 17.1; 32.4 and 18.4 percent respectively.Speeding accounted for 25 of 44 fatal accidents during the period January to June, while DUI accounted for 6 of those deaths. Additionally, the Police recorded 7 deaths due to inattentiveness of the driver. During the reporting period, some 19 pedestrians were killed, while 12 pedal cyclists along with 5 motorcyclists and 10 occupants of cars lost their lives.A total of 10,236 speeding cases were made out during the period, forming a fraction of the 44,170 traffic offences for the period. Some 1,868 persons continued to drive while under the influence, and 938 minibus drivers continued to disregard the law and overload their buses.For the month of May, the GPF recorded a seven per cent decrease in serious crimes along with a 4 percent increase in the number of reported rapes.It was also reported that 55 illegal firearms have been taken off the streets. According to the Force, as it pertains to traffic management, there was an 7.3 per cent decrease in fatal accidents recorded at the end of May, 2018.Two brothers of Fellowship, West Coast Demerara: Sherman West, 28 and Shalum Alim, 19, lost their lives on June 26 after they attempted to overtake a stationary minibus when it suddenly swerved out, hitting them before causing a collision with a second minibus which was travelling south.last_img

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