Is this flag design another way for APNU/AFC to milk Guyana’s teats?

first_imgDear Editor,The APNU/AFC regime upon taking up the mantle of leadership in Guyana announced the need for regional flags. The idea of regional flags was packaged and sold as a representation of independence. Editor, I believe the Golden Arrowhead serves that very purpose. In addition, this move was soundly rejected by residents and several of the regional officials who also are against the renaming of the regions.In spite of this, on Tuesday January 15, the Department of Public Information (DPI) posted an article which stated that the Government is moving forward with the proposed regional flags and renaming of the regions.This Government has had three and a half years to implement such a trivial project. That it finds the need to focus, at this time, on matters which will have no significant impact on the well-being of a population which has to grapple daily with medication shortages, run-down public infrastructure, higher costs of living and the other effects of the current economic downturn, is testimony to its misplaced priorities.The resources allocated towards this frivolous project can be redirected towards job creation, enhanced public security, better roads, improved potable water supply, efficient garbage collection etc.Editor, on the Communities Ministry’s website is a pdf document with ten well designed flags carrying descriptions and an explanation of the region. When was the graphic team procured? How was this done? Is this another situation like the seven regional newsletters; where an AFC graphic artist is paid $90,000 per month for each of the seven newsletters? This AFC graphic artist receives a monthly salary of $630,000 and is also paid to design the Chronicle’s front page. Is this flag design another way for the APNU/AFC to milk Guyana’s teats?Readers may recall that this Government fell on December 21, 2018, and rather than using the time remaining to further milk the treasury, the Government should try to bring relief to the long-suffering citizenry. For starters, the roads in Albouystown were destroyed during a pipe laying exercise by the GWI, it has remained in a poor state for almost two years now.Yours truly,Jason Abdullalast_img

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