The 12 law allows startups to live

entrepreneurship is a process of continuous struggle, constantly running, constantly insist on, I believe that many entrepreneurs will be "difficult" this sentence deep S. how to make startups good to survive certain skills.

finished failures so many start-ups, it’s time for us to summarize, summed up the following 12 laws. Hope that every entrepreneur can bear in mind.

1. two venture partners is the best combination of

2. died for two reasons: either to give up, or capital depletion

in fact, if you stand on the outcome of Lookback failure in the past, when you began urging partner action, things are bad. Many employees will own situation, every month to assess their development status of the company, in the end whether the founder himself is confident, ambitious? In the end, is not to the point of run out of ammunition and food supplies, the end of hills and rivers? If the two have a negative answer, employees will choose to leave the company automatically, you can not expect employees to follow you unconditionally. So please pay more attention to the above two points.

3. do not be too blind to quickly build team


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