Messi, the ‘terror’ of Instagram

first_imgNevertheless, Not even two months has lasted for the leader, who has already had to deal in the middle with the ‘affair’ of social networks by having to go down to the locker room and explain himself to the captains to ensure that he was unaware of the existence of accounts that attacked the players and presumably they were financed by a company hired by the club, “it is all very rare”, was the conclusion of Messi.The Argentine has turned to Instagram on Monday to send another hard and forceful message against the directive, taking advantage of the agreement to lower his salary by 70% due to the coronavirus crisis: “It never ceases to amaze us that from within the club there were those who tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to us to do something that we were always clear about.”A new stalemate by Messi to the club, which makes the distance between the staff and the board more evident every day. Also, it is a cold, argued and thoughtful response, in no case a hot replica, being fully aware of the significance of his words and to whom he is sending the torpedo.A situation that leaves the board chaired by Bartomeu in an open crisis with difficult consequences because no one escapes, as Gerard Piqué advanced, that if the club endures it is still “thanks to the results of the first team.” Far away is already that radio intervention by Leo Messi to give vice-president Javier Faus a lunge after expressing his disappointment that a player had to renew every six months, “Faus knows nothing about football and wants to run the club as a company”; Now Messi uses social networks to send his messages, using a hard, concise and forceful language, which he does not need to read between the lines to know the real mood of the wardrobe.It is the second time this season that the Argentine crack uses his Instagram account to act as captain. The first was in early February when he replied to the sports secretary, Éric Abidal, in a way as irreproachable as severe. The club executive had questioned the professionalism of the squad by assuring that with Valverde there were some who “did not work much”. Messi’s response was immediate, through a cold but revealing statement on his Instagram account: “Honestly, I don’t like doing these things, but I think that everyone should be responsible for their tasks and take charge of their decisions. I think that when you talk about players, you should give names because if you are not dirtying everyone and feeding things that are said and are not true. “President Josep Maria Bartomeu had to step out to try to calm the rushing waters, mediating between the two and putting on cloths of hot water.last_img

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