Jin Rui award has entered the stage of expert evaluation ceremony held in December 18th

at present, sponsored by the channel network channel of the world · 2014 Jin Rui Award activities have been successfully carried out online voting, today officially opened the closed expert review stage, recently, the channel network will be held at the awards ceremony in Beijing Kerry center.

According to the

it is reported that Jin Rui award by "Jin Rui meaning" to convey new value concept of channel construction industry, excellent collection of innovative brand and channel construction case of the whole industry, to provide the most cutting-edge reference for enterprise transformation and development, leading the development trend of channel construction industry, highlighting the economic value of channel construction. "Jin Rui Award" sponsored by the channel network research institute, aims to select the best investment chain brand, set up the industry, leading the healthy development of the channel construction industry, channel construction field is the most gold awards. Since the first successful held in 2013, it will be known as the Oscar prize for channel construction, media and brand companies have become a hot spot.

2014 Jin Rui award aims to build corporate brand, expand business channels. Since the turn of the golden award award, the event has been widely recognized in the field of channel construction, the industry has become the only public solicitation awards. Jin Rui award more than 20 thousands of domestic small and medium-sized enterprise brand investment enthusiasm to support millions of Internet users vote; public participation; more than 3 thousand mainstream media to report more than 200 experts and consultants strong jury selection, thus, its influence and authority undoubtedly.


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