Sororities increases spring recruitment

first_imgPanhellenic sororities participating in continuous open recruitment have extended bids to 64 women this semester. This number shows a significant increase to the amount of women who have chosen to participate in COR.“This is the first year we’ve seen such large numbers, which can be attributed to more chapters participating in COR,” said Panhellenic President Caroline Cannan. “Last year we had 39 bids, so we’re hoping for a full double.”COR is an informal recruitment process that takes place during the spring and provides transfer and spring admits a chance to rush for a sorority without having to wait for formal recruitment in the fall.After formal recruitment was held last fall, chapter totals were increased by National Panhellenic guidelines, allowing several houses the ability to expand. As a result, six out of 12 sororities are participating in continuous open recruitment this semester.“It’s up to the individual chapters how they pursue [recruitment],” Cannan said. “Some have hosted more publicized formal events while others choose to get to know girls in a very individualized process.”This semester, recruitment events have ranged from larger activities, such as cookie-decorating parties, to one-on-one outings for coffee or lunch, depending on each chapter’s approach to COR.Cannan explained that informal recruitment provides a more relaxed alternative to fall recruitment.“Fall recruitment is a very formalized system where girls visit every house and narrow down day by day, whereas informal recruitment is much more relaxed since you can reach out to the houses that you see a potential fit in,” Cannan said.Melanie Allegretti, president of Sigma Delta Tau, joined her house through COR and explained that she has found that the less formalized structure brings in several girls each spring. Sigma Delta Tau has extended 14 bids this semester and plans to have a second round of COR in the coming months.“We love finding more girls with similar values and ideals, so if we can increase our chapter size, we can make a bigger difference in things like philanthropies and making connections,” Allegretti said. “COR is a really fun way to engage with new people on a one-on-one level. I actually met my little through COR last semester.”New members through COR receive “big sisters” and go through the same general initiation process as individuals who go through formal recruitment. Later in the semester, new members are initiated according to national guidelines so that they are eligible to recruit new members formally by the next fall.Over 1,000 women participate in formal recruitment each fall, but the opportunity to go through informal recruitment is not as widely known.To promote COR this year, Panhellenic had representatives at the orientation for spring admits and transfer students to compile a list of women interested in COR, which they gave to eligible chapters. They also answered questions at the involvement fair and sent letters to incoming women about the chapters participating in COR.“Some girls decide they want to wait [until formal recruitment] and go meet every single chapter, but I encourage those who are even a little open to COR to check it out,” Cannan said. “You never know what connections you’ll be able to make, and if it doesn’t work out, you can always wait.”last_img

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