Florida schools to promote career training options

first_imgFlorida students will now be made fully aware of all of their options when it comes to educational advancements after high school now that Governor Ron DeSantis has passed a new educational bill. The bill, that was unanimously passed by the House and Senate, will require schools to began paying greater attention to vocational, technical training, and apprenticeships programs instead of just the four-year college degree option.Under the bill, middle schools will be required to offer some courses in career and education training in areas that are seen as well-paying, high demand options. Schools will also be required to teach a financial literacy class, and offer computer science courses to help meet math and science graduation requirements.  In order to provide the best course options, the state will continue to track well-paying jobs that are in high demand so that schools know which programs to offer. For those who have chosen the four-year degree option but did not complete their degree program, the bill also offers the Last Mile College Completion Program. Under this program, the state will pick up the cost of in-state tuition for those who dropped out of college just short of earning a degree (12 credits or less).last_img

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