What are the pricing strategies

now open shop, has become the common choice of countless people, walked on the road more and more people, but in the product pricing problem, but not a good way, do not know how to, not only to attract customers, and to maximize the profit, in this small series to introduce you online pricing strategy!

1, fast skimming strategy: that is, relative to the cost, to determine a higher price, and then to a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to quickly obtain higher sales profit. General C2C platform promotion methods are: Subscription window display, a variety of recommendation, participate in the classification activities; "yiyuanqipai no reserve" can also be regarded as a method of promotion; and put a small ad posted in the forum, posting to the old customers, mail and so on, is the individual’s energy input.

2, slow skimming strategy: that is to determine a relatively high price, lower promotional investment, easy access to sales profits. If you have the advantage of resources, the East is more unique, less competitive…… This strategy may be considered. For example: you in the emerald distribution center, has its own design and processing team, jade jewelry popular.

3, rapid penetration strategy: that is to determine a lower price, and then a higher promotional investment to get a higher rate of attention, in order to compete for buyers, access to the leading position in the classification. If you have a lot of similar sellers, fierce competition, buyers are sensitive to the price of this kind of stuff, then consider using this strategy. For example: many big sellers with silver purchase price sales, to occupy the market share and compete for the agency, while the formation of other sellers into the threshold.

4, slow penetration strategy: that is to determine the lower price, lower promotional investment, and gradually win the buyers group, squeeze competitors living space. If your stuff belongs to the daily consumer, there is a great demand, and price sensitive buyers (for example, you can consider postal cartons) using this strategy, you competing sellers, may withdraw due to failure or lack of patience.

of course, these are just written words, perhaps the specific situation and specific treatment, but can be used as a reference to many shop operators, they hope to be able to open a shop to help, to help them achieve the maximization of profit!

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