What do you do in 2016

New Year Spring Festival just yet, now is the time for each unit year-end summary and new year planning. Those who are willing to start thinking about the future. So what do you do in 2016?

2016 venture to do what good? Selling time (running company)

2016 venture to do what good? Send food door

Two years ago,

, "home delivery" hot, you still remember it,   send food home is still a new line of business, this attractive business opportunities, there are always people to fill the gaps. Don’t think it sounds like LOW. We have to admit that fresh vegetables is a rigid demand for everyone, the modern people have this mentality: feel that they do not eat more safe and nutritious food, but it is very troublesome to buy food.   if you can provide a full range of fresh vegetables and on-site service, it will be favored by consumers and praise.

2016 venture to do what good?

toy shop

stage are in the physical development of children, with a strong thirst for knowledge and hands-on desire. The technical process of materials such as model, small machinery, electric toys, veins bookmarks and insect specimens, which can meet their needs in this area. In the developed western countries, as long as there are middle and primary school places, there will be a shop selling technical materials.

opened this shop, the best place is in the vicinity of large and medium-sized stationery shopping malls and campus, followed by students frequented by children’s palace, cultural center and youth activity center. Students go to school, the school must pass through the streets, roads and other places can also be opened process materials store. Another way is to compare insurance with toy vendors, stationery vendors to share the store, so you can receive complementary effects, mutual complementarity of goods, but also easier to attract students.

2016 venture to do what good? Handicraft flower shop

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