How to improve the food and beverage industry takeaway business

catering business process is an integral part of the takeaway, along with the development of the Internet, what is a matter of convenience, eat is also. What do you want to open the phone to call out a majority of people have become accustomed to, how to seize the habit of people in this business? Catering enterprises need to take out the chain on the following five aspects.

1, customer centered

whether it is sales or marketing, not to the user as the center of the rogue. The takeaway food, takeaway businesses only pay attention to the results without realizing it should be a process to wait for the process to the final consumption distribution feedback from businesses to obtain information to the consumer, this is not a meal, send a bottle of cola can make up for the.

2, regional precise positioning

Most of the

restaurant workers will have this idea, which hopes to capture all consumers, but this is not possible, consumer groups are different, and the positioning will only increase the cost but also care for this and lose that, it is difficult to form a reputation. Accurate positioning of the region is the focus of the potential customer base positioning, and then according to the positioning of your product, price, packaging, etc..

3, dig customer pain points

food and beverage industry is just, but this does not mean that consumers do not have the pain, more + relationship is catering consumer pain points. Some people say you this is not nonsense? That is, fast, good, province the basic want to do can do it easily, then in addition to takeaway currently rely on subsidies to guide the consumer factors, determine the success of your relationship is fast +.

4, improve team quality

takeaway is different from traditional to store consumption, lack of real communication between businesses and users, but there is no service link. Once the problem occurs, it is difficult to control the two sides, the formation of the brand is likely to overturn. This requires us to improve the personal quality of employees, to ensure the ultimate product, especially quality, health, packaging, etc..

distribution personnel as a sense of the terminal responsible person, and direct contact with consumers, then the ability to use a short time to establish a good relationship, this is critical. A lot of detail is the key to the team, and you have to do is to make a difference in the details, so that consumers have fun, moved, surprise and so on, give them a reason to help you spread the publicity.

5, build brand culture

domestic food and beverage industry is actually not very focused on brand culture

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