Talking about how to make marriage website

with the increase of 80 and 90 marriageable age groups, marriage industry has become extremely popular, coupled with the improvement of people’s living standard, the new demands for marriage is no longer a simple form, it is to see the business opportunities, all kinds of wedding photography wedding, wedding Hotel, want to share. More businesses launched a "one-stop" service. So, no line resources, how can these wedding photography agencies, companies, hotels and other resources, two times the development of effective? Now, the best way is to establish a marriage website, through the network, take the minimum cost, maximum resource integration.

how to do a wedding website, after all, is one of the few truly successful? This will be considered in the beginning of the website, actually will make what kind of website; by what attract people to visit your web site, after all, a website is not to see, there will be no profit. What people will have to browse our website? In general, browse our website can be divided into three categories: one is the married couple, they have consumer demand; one is that businesses; the last category is irrelevant personnel, not what the development value. We mainly aim at the first two groups, of which the business is the most important. If the website is doing well, the business will advertise on our website, which is the main part of the profit, and will directly determine whether your website can survive.

specifically how to do it? Maybe we are not very clear, take the Wed114 marriage network below for example. This station is different from the general local and single site, it has its own master station, and there are sub stations in each city, which can attract consumers and businessmen from all cities of the country. The content of the website covers the whole marriage industry and meets the needs of different consumers. In addition, you can also find some information about the wedding industry, such as clothing, hair styles, make-up skills, etc., consumers find the information you want, you can directly find the merchant, and finally led to an order.

as a whole, an excellent marriage website should be like the example given above.

, first of all, to design the architecture of the website, distinguish the website column. It is best to include several wedding blocks, namely wedding photography, wedding company and wedding Hotel, so that consumers can not leave the website because they cannot find the information they need.

secondly, the content of the website is very important. Although we are the main business profit, but businesses rely on consumers to survive, even if we can not directly profit from consumers, but also to serve consumers. So, the content of the website must have readability, it is better to be original, this also is helpful for the rank of the website and included. Of course, for the website content is not monotonous, we can add some "leisure" to the website, such as entertainment, news, etc., we can browse some interesting things on the website, but also increase

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