Micro blog or will enter the era of big business

when micro-blog started in China begin to display talents have been identified, it is a platform with a high commercial value now, with micro-blog as more and more enterprises marketing platform, the business value of micro-blog is increasingly mining, nowadays micro-blog, have large commercial times like.

, for example, Sina micro-blog (in fact, Sina, micro-blog has been far behind the Tencent, it almost become synonymous with micro-blog), we can see a lot of signs:

users are starting to get used to micro-blog’s commercial

with many enterprises micro-blog marketing, the habits of micro-blog users have undergone tremendous changes, constantly accept the business information at the same time, micro-blog also started the habit as an understanding of business information platform, and even began to take the initiative through the micro-blog platform to understand the business information, the latest activity etc..

when users are ready to accept micro-blog’s business, micro-blog has the conditions to make it more commercial.

third party service enterprises to join micro-blog market

any supply and demand market, will be derived from the surrounding third party service enterprises, micro-blog is the same. Now we can see a lot of companies and businesses interspersed with micro-blog before they collect information and many micro-blog, micro-blog will be the main information show by micro-blog as a marketing platform for the enterprise, profit from.

The emergence of a third – party platform like

means that micro-blog and businesses are beginning to become transparent before the commercial market, which has already formed a big market. Some people sell, some people buy, and some people help shout, the business environment has been fully presented.

micro-blog’s small adjustment shows its commercial intent,

, Sina, micro-blog recently made a restructuring, enterprise micro-blog can have more privileges, you can better decorate their own platform, you can also use some specific sections. A small adjustment that has exposed micro-blog attitude to business, it is pleased to provide a business marketing platform for the enterprise, of course, this adjustment is only micro-blog will own platform into a precursor to the business, it will be more to measure their performance commercial value.

when we see micro-blog and Facebook provides advertising services, provide more business area, please do not feel any surprise, because this is any social networking platform to represent the general trend, finally will get rid of this point. And micro-blog has reached such a period.

now micro-blog has sufficient user base, users of its business has been accepted, and the environment of developing the market, micro-blog can begin to consider to increase their commercial layout pace, micro-blog’s big business era really is not far away. The full text is written by http://s.www.ai>

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