Group discusses off-campus ties

first_img In keeping with the dialogue about increasing service and improving community relations, Ryan Holly, off-campus president, suggested a “don’t forget South Bend” campaign, which would involve joint efforts between students and alumni in helping the community. “We thought it would be a great way for students to feel part of Eddy Street,” student government president Catherine Soler said. Punchcards will be distributed on campus Friday, and students who visit all the vendors will receive a free shirt or tote bag. “It would be a clearinghouse; sort of an agenda for service opportunities,” Soler said. The Council also discussed a seeming decline in volunteer work undertaken by students, which was highlighted in last year’s improveND survey. “It would be a great thing for the community to see students and alumni together. It could go to benefiting nonprofits in the community,” Holly said. Soler concluded the meeting with reminding Council members of the importance of continuing to encourage students to be mindful of police in the approaching football weekend. “We want to again encourage people to be safe, be aware and make smart decisions,” she said. “Last weekend was great, and we want to continue with that.” The night after the block party, C.L. Lindsay — an attorney who speaks to students about interacting with law enforcement — will be returning to campus to have a dialogue with students. “According to the survey, students did not do as much service as people think, especially the male population” Soler said. “We know there’s football season and other things happening, but it’s something for us to think about.” Soler said Pat McCormick, Social Concerns Committee chair, is working to develop a site which would give students greater access to available volunteer options. The following Monday, Morrissey Manor will be holding a panel with members from the Office of Residence Life and Housing and the Notre Dame Security Police, tentatively scheduled for 8 p.m. in DeBartolo Hall. In light of an upcoming presentation by Soler to the Alumni Association, alumni relations were also discussed. Members discussed events planned for the weekend of Sept. 17. On Saturday, from 2 to 4 p.m., student government will be co-sponsoring a block party at Eddy Street Commons, meant to encourage students to explore the Commons. “All the vendors are going to have open doors with either discounts or freebies,” Erin Pankiw, director of Special Events, said. “It’s just kind of encouraging students to go and see what’s there. They’ll be able to offer feedback about what they’d like to see at Eddy Street.” The Council of Representatives’ (COR) Tuesday meeting concentrated on upcoming educational events for students about the law, boosting student volunteerism and upcoming community relations events.last_img

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