Ning zhe network Zhou Ning local community property channel profitability approach

PHPWind, Xiamen fish nets, home owners (Chinaz) jointly organized the 2010 Chinese website of local and Industry Development Forum held in Xiamen in May 14th, including more than 200 local community owners, and industry veteran Internet scene, related to the development of the theme of a in-depth discussion on the community website, to promote the community to the broader space put forward suggestions, have an important role in promoting the development of the industry.

Ning zhe founder of the network, well-known community e-commerce expert Zhou Ning made about local communities, new houses, second-hand housing profits keynote speech.

Ning Zhe, Zhou Ning, delivered a keynote speech,

Zhou Ning has carried on the analysis to the real estate profit module, he believes that media is the main manifestation of new business profit, the way the factors including different clients, different background, different industry background, the development of different industries, different website development stage. He cited three or four lines of urban real estate sites generally use membership fees, and developers have also invested their own returns.

Zhou Ning believes that the professional real estate website should be in the land at auction should obtain relevant information, will gain the initiative before the opening, so as to obtain first-hand profits, which is why many local websites in the organization of the showings and other activities, and achieved good effect, but there is no reason to get high income. And the adoption of media new premises business approach, you can get more initiative, profitability.

in a keynote speech, Zhou Ning to Sina Real estate, live off real estate website as a case of real estate information specific classification are described, including real estate news, the local property market information, the local property market trend, interactive information, project information, building database etc..

at the same time, made a analysis of the information reported by Ren Zhiqiang Zhou Ning speech was throwing shoes real estate news, including instant news reports, pictures, video, video spoof, Sina reported micro-blog communication etc., in an emergency, the different expression method, interact with the user, finally integrate at the height of the media.

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