What are we left from the user

as the stationmaster of a lot of the time we are anxious to update the website content, because the plan is no more original content, for the release of external links can not get puzzled, because the high weight of the chain. But all day and night wondering how to improve the ranking of keywords. Sometimes we think too much about what kind of search engine content and the chain, and blindly consider the original, original, and then original. The results of the original a lot of content, but the search engine may not appreciate our content, not only the weight is not increased, but also a waste of their efforts in vain. Instead, calm down to think about it, and blindly care about the website SEO, too much importance to search engines, we finally got what, or lost what,




strong network marketing, in fact we have reversed a work order, or network marketing, website planning, website promotion, we really have to serve the users, is our consumers, but not every day around the search engine. We are very concerned about each of the articles have been written their own search engines, but had not considered this article users do not love; we care about search engines in our website the number of users, and never consider or not love our products and services; we are very concerned about the website in search of high and low weight the engine, without considering the user experience of our website; we are changing every day pondering the latest search engine strategies, but few of US consumers find psychological demands. Too much attention to the search engine, not only distributed in our time and energy, but also makes us consumers and users distance more and more far, if we leave aside consumers, users of our website, what is left?

, a product without a user’s favorite, a site without consumer attention, how can you get the attention and attraction of search engines?

Manufacturing website of

every day webmasters like mechanical manufacturing sites behind closed doors, like the chain, work very hard, the content is very hard, the results did not even draw further apart. It’s not that we’re not smart enough, but that we focus on the wrong things. Every day we should spend a lot of time and energy to consider and research is the psychological behavior of our users consumers, our attention and exploration is that they love what kind of products they need? What services? They are not satisfied with what and so on?.

a product and service only have a full user choice basis, our site will get more users search and access. Similarly, only a very popular user and consumer products website, will get the attention of search engines and good user recommendations. In the same way, only popular products and services continue to gain more user attention and attention.

for the webmaster or the website marketing personnel, the service object is the website user, the webmaster only can stand in the user’s angle to ponder, fully >

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