Electric Beethoven, New Mastersounds, & More Contributed To A Benefit Album For Louisiana Flood Victims

first_imgAs part of an ongoing effort to help those affected by the devastating floods in Louisiana this summer, Music For Relief, a nonprofit dedicated disaster relief and environmental preservation, has launched a campaign called #LouisianaStrong that brings artists, event organizers, and music industry executives together to help the cause.#LouisianaStrong includes multiple different music-related campaigns to benefit victim relief. On the initiative’s website, you can enter donation-based contests to win a variety of VIP “experiences” at different concerts and events, including Desert Trip, Blink-182‘s upcoming Irving, CA show, Voodoo Music + Arts Festical, III Points Festival.The campaign also includes a portion called “Download To Donate”, which rewards any donation of $5 or more with a download of an 18-track #LouisianaStrong compilation album. The multi-genre project features several unreleased tracks including Bassnectar‘s 2015 remix of “Roustabout” by Beats Antique and Reed Mathis‘ new Electric Beethoven project, as well as a song from Phil Lesh‘s Terrapin Crossroads house band, San Geronimo.The #LouisianaStrong compilation also features original songs by Gramatik, Citizen Cope, Boreta of The Glitch Mob, Dumpstaphunk, Nahko and Medicine for the People, The New Mastersounds and more.Click here to donate to the cause and download the compilation.Full Track Listing:01 Rising Appalachia & the Human Experience – Mississippi Song02 Reed Mathis & Electric Beethoven – Thunderstorm03 Gramatik – Anima Mundi ft. Russ Liquid04 Shana Halligan – Something Real05 Boreta of The Glitch Mob – Honey Heart06 Z-Trip – Fury ft. Jack Dangers07 Beats Antique – Roustabout [Bassnectar Remix 2015]08 Born Dirty – Butter [VIP]09 Citizen Cope – Lifeline (Figure Remix)10 Moondog Matinee – Bourbon Street11 Dirtwire – The Well ft. Rising Appalachia12 Jake Houston – Hold Me13 San Geronimo – Better Days14 The New Mastersounds – Monday Meters15 Nahko & Medicine for the People – Build a Bridge (Live)16 Whitney Myer – Somehow17 Dumpstaphunk – They Don’t CareBonus 01 – Megan Slankard – Big Heavy (Richard Xavier Remix)Bonus 02 – Cane Hill – When The Evil Go Eastlast_img

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