Gov’t Mule & moe. Delivered An Emotional Red Rocks Double Bill [Audio/Video]

first_imgLoad remaining images Gov’t Mule and moe. teamed up last night for a cathartic double bill of incredible jams that had massive power chords and arching blues-tinged jams ringing off the encircling sacred stones of Red Rocks. The legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre is celebrating 75 years of outstanding performances in one of live music’s most revered site, and last night was yet another impressive chapter in the venue’s saga. If the majestic views didn’t take the audience’s breath away, then the fret board fireworks surely did.The combined guitar fire power from all three acts was enough to make even the most rabid fan smile in contentment at the end of the evening, and Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule brought the heat early and never let up. Opening with a fierce “Railroad Boy”, Mule seemed to be feeling the sound and the crowd out and lighting the fuse on a explosive set. Raising the expectations for the night to come were the early set inclusion of fan favorites “Banks Of The Deep End” and the always moving “Soulshine.” There was even a bit of fun included in the evening’s set list as Mule and moe. traded covers, with moe. nailing “Thorazine Shuffle” before Mule ripped a monstrous version of moe.’s “Opium.”With the crowd now firmly in their palm, Mule put on a clinic. As always, out in front, Warren Haynes was the perfect representation of the southern flavor, with his sweet voice and guitar tone working in perfect harmony. Thanks to the clean, warm tone of Haynes’ sound, the precision of his playing gains an otherworldly power when amplified as expertly as it was that breezy Thursday night. Whether bending notes with a glass slide or twisting the string beyond belief Haynes wrung every last drop of heart and soul from any guitar lucky enough to feel his touch. Blissed out faces throughout the crowd spoke all the words needed as wave after wave of blues power poured out of the stacks of speakers and the fingers of the guitar icon.Backing the blues fury from the man on stage right was a rhythm section that never seem to lose each other no matter how far drummer Matt Abts and bassist Jorgen Carlsson stretched the beat. Danny Louis provided soaring organ runs and a counterpoint to Haynes on the vocal end that, as always, filled in any and all cracks and crevices with the groovy sonic glue that helps Mule’s songs elevate to the majestic heights they so often occupy.A pair of lost souls were gone but not forgotten over the course of the evening. It’s been two years since Brian Farmer passed away, and that sad anniversary’s recent remembrance infused the proceedings with a heightened sense of emotion. From the aching sorrow of Haynes playing to the joyous emotion of the encore, a stage packing jam with members of Blackberry Smoke and moe. joining Mule for a sky high version of “I Shall Be Released.” The departing crowd seemed to be walking on the clouds themselves as voices called out in the night with shouts of thanks and appreciation that rang out long and strong.Enjoy some fan-shot footage from YouTube below:One Of These DaysSoulshineI Shall Be Releasedmoe. opened their Colorado visit with a thunderous first half of their classic “Rebubula” with the second half waiting for some future show, possibly their upcoming Boulder show.The night’s set list featured a larger than normal selection of their more classic tunes like a dark and chilling “Lazarus” and “Captain America” that were dedicated to the memory of the second spirit gone but not forgotten, Glenn Roberts. Roberts was a long time friend of the band and a fixture at shows on the east coast before relocating west. Having always been close with their fans, moe. took the opportunity to honor the love they and the scene in general had known and lost.With some of the more cherished songs being played, it seems only fitting that the moe. standard “Brent Black” featured some of the evening’s most jaw dropping displays of musicianship from the band.Guitarist Chuck Garvey seemed hell bent on pushing his distortion tinged runs into the danger zone before settling down and following the rest of his axe wielding compatriots off stage to give the percussive partnership between Jim Loughlin and Vinnie Amico a chance to show their dynamic mastery at it’s finest. After being the last man standing for a wild trip around his kit, Amico settled back to welcome back bassist Rob Derhak.Derhak took his place at the center of the stage and delivered a bass slapping display that reminded everyone within earshot of the frenzied sonic fury he can unleash whenever he feels the urge. Continuing Derhak’s strong night, he was warmed up for a ripping “Billy Goat” that saw Garvey and his partner in guitar crimes Al Schnier trade truly awe-inspiring solos as the tempo rose higher and higher. After a mighty peak and a reeling step back into a simmering lull the band launched into the reprise sing-a-round with a welcome zeal that was infectious. The applause was long and well earned as fans were buzzing about the next night’s theater show to come.Thanks to Flarcus for speedy editing and sharing of moe.’s set you can hear the fun for yourself below:Representing Hotlanta with a southern rock sound as fiery as the temperatures down Georgia way right now Blackberry Smoke brought a funky spirit to the stage and quickly showed how they had earned their way onto their current tour with Gov’t Mule.Charlie Starr fronts the band with a laconic jam sense that disguises his passion and intensity. Surrounded by a rock solid players on every instrument the band has been making noise and gaining fans on this tour and with each show they play. With such a solid foundation of fans already made and waiting for a quality band in their style, the future is bright for Blackberry Smoke.The ghosts from all ages haunt the walls of the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheater, though there is no reason to have any fear. The spirits present are there for the same reason the living are…to share the magic that can be made when musicians paint emotional portraits of love and energy on the sonic spectrum.Check out a full gallery of shots from our own Rex Thomson below.Edit this setlist | More Gov’t Mule setlistslast_img

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