Website Hype do not trample on public opinion as their own weapon

recently, a network called "perfume girl" Street Girls Wang Tingting published a number of articles on the blog, China criticized the current education system, even when Zhao Benshan proposed that the Minister of education, and was forced to drop out of the north, raise a Babel of criticism of the news on the network hype, attracted users in an uproar. BFSU to clarify the relevant person in charge the woman is asked to drop out, school is actively to persuade them to go back to school, there were also reports of street girls was dropped out is brokers and the power of the media hype results.

according to the survey results, the BFSU girl blog QQ in front of the five Tencent number is 62200, and the beginning of the number 62200 is the Tencent Inc sent to Hot Blog number, so the girl’s blog is the brokerage company opened in Tencent. Based on this fact, netizens have reason to believe that this is the "90 women show off their wealth," Ya Genv ", a commercial speculation, web media to obtain some commercial interests to fan the flames.

today’s TV movie star as everyone knows, for their own publicity awareness, always more or less by yourself and negative news, the network Reds frequently rise behind many Internet marketer to help out, these so-called push is some network media, by virtue of their own on the Internet to occupy a space for one person, defiant, like product "perfume girl" is the Tencent on the Internet and the initiator of evil, the Internet has become the herd business show fodder.

Tencent with a large number of young users, 80, 90 net houses and more netizens, the enthusiasm that the setback obvious to people, perfume girl "encounter, after numerous similar events" play ", we still maintain a calm, friendly heart, have the sympathy. Some even justice to" Street Girls "justice flood. Perhaps the media is a fancy to the Internet users of this impulse and easy to move the psychological, so it is full use, so as to tap opportunities. It seems that they have put the netizens’ anger and justice as a kind of invisible industry with surging public opinion at the same time, the author also believes that this is not the media website extraordinary performance, a man of great talent talents, but they are in the goodness of human nature by the cruel to engage in illegal transactions so as to achieve the purpose of business.

website development, to management, should take the necessary legal means of promotion, an excuse to hype themselves is the most direct the most common means. Moderate publicity can bring unexpected benefits to the website itself, and it is a shame to be unscrupulous and even use the sympathy of others to achieve justice. According to legend, Tencent has received a package of "perfume girl" brokerage firm 1 million yuan, this move can not help but imagine. The huge and certain authoritative media so how can we find the media reckless with greed? Bad acts at the same time, I felt very sad.

currently, a considerable number of Internet sites are being promoted

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