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The popularity of

makes the rapid development of the Internet website, a batch of people such as bamboo shoots grow up. With the cruel and fierce competition, the sustainable development of websites has become more and more concerned by the webmaster friends.

throughout the Internet, the establishment of any web site has its own reasons, some to sell their products (such as companies), some personal hobbies, and some in order to earn income. The most should be for profit, even if a personal blog, a business site. Each year the domain name, space maintenance costs are also thousands of dollars. Site to develop, you must go to the operation, how to use this site profit to make up for the cost? How to make the site better development? This is what you consider most of the problem,


for now, the site’s operations can be broadly divided into two modes:

first: looking for users – offering services – user benefits – self profit.

this operation model is a long-term process, the typical representatives are NetEase, Tencent and other companies. NetEase’s 163 free email, Tencent’s QQ instant messenger. Early free to market, some curious people use their products, enjoy its services, and then this product is extended to the public users. Because the communication is convenient to let more people benefit and favor, then, a mass ten, ten hundred was extended. At this time, followed by the introduction of a number of charges service. Because of the popularity of users, free products can not meet the needs of some users because of the limitation of function. Some users try to use toll products. At this point the company began to make a profit. Because of the profits, so more investment in new products, such as snowball is becoming bigger and bigger.

second: brand building – looking for agents – offering products – win-win cooperation

this profit model to nets for example, nets is Chinese largest domain registrar and space service providers. But they do not have so much manpower to sell their products, so they think of the way to attract investment and seek agents. Sell products to agents for a relatively low price. Agents to advertise their own, to sell, earn difference, guardian, temporarily called "small profits and quick sales.".

wrote here, you may ask: This is not the full text of the title, which has nothing to do with the development of our website, we do not have their huge technical team as the backing. In fact, this is the guardian to explain the problem. A lot of friends base on the website that we build, how profit, how to earn the biggest benefit?. But there’s a problem with our direction. If you analyze the above two ways of operation, you will find one thing in common: Investment – user value – profit. Yes, what we need is investment. There is a saying in China: "can’t bear the child, cannot bear wolf.". So, we have to pay. Everyone will say: "I paid ah, updated every day, external links, publicity, promotion, that is, in order to more traffic.". It just doesn’t work. Let’s go and see what a large site does

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