RON emails disrupt LMH election

first_imgA mystery figure has been attempting to derail JCR elections in Lady Margaret Hall by running a campaign to reopen nominations in the presidential competition. Calling themselves “Ron” after the “Re-open nominations” option on ballot papers, the individual sent a series of emails to the JCR criticising presidential candidates Abigail Kent and Sourav Choudhury. “Surely our JCR deserves better than this,” the first of the messages said. An email from Vice-President Dominic Rae asking Ron to desist was met with a vitriolic attack on the current JCR executive. “If it was not for the incompetence of the current exec, I would not have access to this mailing list,” Ron wrote. “My view is that the JCR should be reminded that they can have better than Abi ‘Marlene 2nd edition’ Kent or Sourav ‘Reformed Union hack, who gets on really well with the Senior Tutor’ Choudhury when they go vote on Thursday,” they continued. The references are to current JCR president Marlene Cayoun, and Choudhury’s previous candidature in Oxford Union elections. Both candidates criticised Ron’s actions. Presidential candidate Abigail Kent expressed shock at the anonymous comments. “Everyone’s appalled at what he’s done. I don’t think either of us have done anything to warrant this,” she said. “It’s obviously upsetting when someone thinks you’re not fit for the job.” Kent’s opponent Sourav Choudhury said he was disappointed that Ron did not raise their concerns earlier. “I think whoever it is is entitled to their own opinion. People are allowed to vote for reopening nominations, but if they felt that way they should have raised it in hustings rather than putting it in anonymous emails.” Ron let slip several clues about their identity in an email to Cherwell, including how long they have been a student in Oxford. “Both candidates are fucking useless. LMH JCR deserves to have a competent President after four years of woeful Presidencies,” they wrote. “While I am graduating this year, I believe my college deserves better.” Ron added that he had received messages of support. Posters supporting Ron also appeared around college on Wednesday. “I have no doubt that Ron will win by an overwhelming margin,” the anonymous campaigner concluded. Candidate Abigail Kent said she did not believe Ron would win. However, her opponent Sourav Choudhury would not be drawn on the matter. “If Ron gets more votes, then that’s the democratic decision of LMH JCR.”last_img

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