Year three drama group purchase ills businesses are holding cattle impact

2010, the "orphan", "If You Are The One II" and "let the bullets fly" three big drama is unusually hot. And in 2011, the group buying industry also staged the same name big drama. But the cinema film won a reputation, director of the three group purchase industry has ruined his act drama of the same name. Group purchase website, the next line of business, network scalpers become the three drama starring, let the group purchase "self overconsumption" year drama very hurt.

the first act of the "orphan"

businesses were blocked by websites to buy

this 2010 group purchase market in order to catch a ride, many businesses at all costs in cooperation with the network group purchase group purchase, as long as we can make money by small profits, however, group purchase is not imagination in so simple.

internal sources, group purchase process, group purchase website not only charge the goods Commission, but also to participate in the group of goods prices; but in most cases, businesses can’t determine the final group purchase price.

in other words, a commodity can become a group or a group of products, the price is determined by the group buying website. Unconsciously, the group buying website became the leader of the rules, and the merchants were in a passive situation.

group purchase websites in order to attract consumers at a low price, not only in price pressure businesses, often make unreasonable demands, many businesses also began to group purchase only.

veteran catering enterprises gold told reporters, in order to boost consumption, the city launched a multi million + suburban branch stores collocation to participate in group purchase activities, but in the negotiation process, a group purchase website by their position in the industry put forward very harsh conditions, that can only accept the city branch, suburban branch refused to participate in group purchase. Finally, part cooperation. However, the walk event is just the tip of the iceberg, with the business group purchase website will become increasingly prominent contradictions in the future, it will be a protracted war.

second act, "you’re the one",

group buying face scalpers impact reputation nuisance

in fact, not only businesses in the play group purchase idea, group purchase website in the business idea, even "scalpers" also took a fancy to this new business model, trying to take the goods.

it is understood that they registered vest, first online bulk purchase of goods, and then through the shop, offline transactions and other ways to sell, profit is very impressive. However, cattle wanton reselling profit group purchase coupons, caused many consumer dissatisfaction, even suspected that the network group purchase group covert operations, the purpose is to improve the degree of two group purchase another identity out of profits. From this point of view, cattle rampant, not only disrupted the normal trading order, but also a serious impact on the credibility of the purchase site.

in order to curb scalpers and meet the needs of more consumers to buy, buy site has to reduce restrictions

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