Talk about the feelings and experiences of your website for a few months

08 year old friends to see the site grew so I also had to do the idea because I want to, I was engaged in the network than they developed rapidly, so the 09 years just over the years on the purchase of good ideas for the construction of a good domain name server to select the planned site my site, so the first site I love show was born.

because I do the design of the industry, so I always like to make the page more refined, so the website layout changed and changed, I do not know how many times I changed. Finally, after two months, Baidu’s collection when high and low. It was depressing. I asked friends why I was making friends, and the answer they gave me was a blow. I summed up a few points, I hope to provide new sites for friends to help.

1. now has many CMS templates and different styles. Structure and style are different, if long-term changes to Baidu, it does not respect what it advocates, pay attention to user experience.

2. web site title, must not mess up, modify more will be down right oh.

3. don’t add garbage to the domain name, level three, level two subdomain. Increased so that the domain name is not easy for any personal webmaster can’t manage to come over, and I believe that many of the two level domain names such as "," because the management is not taken over to run the thief program, but if you want to take the development of a web site don’t do the thief program is not only a long run prevalent.

4. is a very important point. I believe that many new Adsense or open website owners are able to master the production site, you may think so: "I have mastered the production site construction technology, I can make a very good website, a website is not difficult." But, I want to say, ha ha, running a website is a few times harder than a website. There are too many people who can do it, but they can run a website and make it grow, but not many.

5. did you get up every day after immediately open the computer check today has been Baidu, Google included page? That included the crazy, immediately found no included mood, that included reducing sad. New webmaster friends, I suggest not to look at these included data. We do web site is to see, not to search engine spiders to see. Just be yourself every day. You’ll be crazy to see more people.

hope that these personal experience can bring new station owners convenience.

wants more friends to share their website. Interested friends can add my QQ:631059847 to explore the way forward.

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