Reveal several ways to get traffic and make money

gets traffic:

how do you earn money for people without websites?. Some people have been coaxed, often send some, id=345 those offline, what can be profitable as long as the Internet can be a mess. That’s the money you can’t make. Let me point it out. You make a page and add a few League code.

league domestic many, hundreds of, apply for some advertising, placed on a page.

has done 1/10, and the rest is traffic.

How does

promote your page?.

1) hang 20 QQ, have signed passionate beauty type, requires on-line automatic reply state,

Tencent daily beauty search on-line search times, more than one million times, estimate your 20 QQ, will be added to 500 times, if every time your auto reply, let others to you, let others pull friends with you and your web site, your advertising. You just play video with him. In this way, a day to cheat thousands of IP, very relaxed, thousands of IP professional advertising page, the effect of how much, you do, you know.

2) publicize your story, you don’t have a story? You can’t write stories. There are so many stories on the Internet. You can find some touching ones. Sign your "beauty" QQ, it is best to match some photos, photos also bring qq. And then like one. There is a master disciple told me that one day he one day in the porn site and ChinaRen (stupid owner gave him a reason, because too wonderful to cheat more than 50 thousand IP). Slow pain in the pages.

3) SEO (SEO you don’t understand) cheating (cheating you don’t know), then I’ll teach you. (don’t say I’m killing you.) you pick the names of some popular porn websites. Erotic, June, what?. Dozens of words, then free to make a hundred links, free blog links easily don’t want me to teach you. Then make a keyword like this, make your page, or the title of the domain name. No domain name? I’ll give it to you. A lot of people are willing to give you a lot of domain names. Keep in mind the title for these pornographic websites. Content? Casually copy a pornographic BBS page, as long as a page, with static, especially highlight the number of posts, etc., on a page, can do realistic. Then go in and sign up. A great disciple told me that he earned nearly ten thousand dollars a day. When I saw his website myself, I realized that he was more brilliant than I thought.

4) just get a few free programs, and sell them everywhere, 10, 20, and a bunch of them a day.

5) daily attention down domain, especially the enterprise, out, then you can take it over, China channel 3 days removed, within 3 days, you desperately call to the enterprise, tell them how important how the domain name >

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