Webmaster do you need to learn about products accumulate steadily

now the Internet product dispute intensified, even the absolute king of an industry, the product development process must also not because the advantages of slack, because the Internet does not stagnate because of rut to your advantage, the user always selectively, if one day you are unable to meet you is to meet the demand, so the elimination becomes inevitable.


is a living example, the absolute advantage in the field of desktop search and can not represent the mobile port data receiving and guiding ability to praise, instead Baidu’s performance in this respect can only be used to describe the real good chen. But the wolf Baidu has not completely lost development opportunities, at least the thin dead camel than Ma, Baidu still has the advantages of capital and technology, channels, to dafanshenzhang is not impossible.

from the acquisition of PPS began, Baidu has begun to recover lost territory, this process is not for everyone to understand. Because on the surface, PPS and Iqiyi have overlap in the business place, Baidu and continue to spend heavily to set their own video industry, it is better to integrate the existing business, at least at the time of everyone’s opinion is the picture map more money but from R & D, is webmaster seems to do is actually not a product taste from the business coverage of their website is a type, and involves all IDC business, rather than only do online tutorials, several automatic recharge and virtual goods on behalf of other core business, saving resources and energy, and then Baidu’s situation is not much better than before, but also left Baidu’s time not much.

Baidu wants to find a new breakthrough in the desktop outside there must be a fist like products, as well as Youku day Philharmonic live can only be said to be failed attempts, while PPS and Iqiyi’s eyes can see success. From the point of view of Iqiyi registered users, complemented by the outstanding legal resource of PPS, whether it is mobile video or online video, Baidu will have enough advantage, and this is what Baidu needs to master the resources and funding channels, will not cast a wide net will have a good harvest, to seize a good opportunity to attack, not necessarily they will make their way narrow, not to mention this is Baidu.

Baidu acquisition of PPS is just a prelude, and later 1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless is the shock of the capital market. Some people say that this is one of the traditional giants in as a last resort, also said Baidu finally understand the mobile terminal for their impact, understand the desktop It is all up with reality. No matter how you say, my personal opinion is optimistic about the acquisition of Baidu, although not directly to Baidu and 91 wireless channel advantage nowadays popular applications, but Baidu is a long-term opportunity to know 91 wireless has multiple product chain, the user base is also considerable, more important the 91 is to have a good background for the wireless platform, download from the mobile application, perhaps Baidu can truly usher in the spring.

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