Server intermittent disconnection fault resolution

server hosting more than 2 years ago, has been placed is an online bookstore, the operation has been quite normal, even if there is a problem, but also attacked, but managed to solve the problem of business fairly timely, timely solve the problem, the impact is not large.

since I launched a Links inspection tool (, and ( the web administrator will be my tool top, and will my tools revenue Webmaster Tools Directory, many webmaster by stationmaster net to know my tools, and use my tools, the reaction is very good, many webmaster and I as a friend, and I joined the QQ group, so all instant communication problems.

because some webmaster websites and links are more, so I use this tool frequency is relatively big. Probably from May 29th, often some webmaster friends told me that the server suddenly can not even go up, and there will be several times a day can not even connect with the situation. At the same time, I took a little bit of the other IP on the same LAN segment and found that other IP was through ping. So let IDC help restart the server, but restart or can not solve the problem, the day will still be one or two times off the network situation. I thought it was a ARP attack, but it used to have a ARP firewall with a genuine color shadow. After the remote login to the server, it was found that the ARP attack record was normal and there was no ARP attack at all. The webmaster friends said to me, probably because I am the Links check tool is practical, many webmaster in check Links immediately after removed some of the Baidu K out of the station, leading to the webmaster’s unhappy, so I attack the server. I thought it was a DDOS attack, so installed a Du Meter traffic monitor, found that traffic is also quite normal, there is no particularly large traffic.

At the same time I

on the server with a I have developed a server network monitoring software, this software is I used to use the dynamic domain name website when used to detect whether the network server, smooth, not smooth, the analysis is not the problem of the


logs through this software, found that my server will have 2-3 times a day off the network, and each time the network is broken just 10 minutes.

server network monitoring software analysis log as follows, because previously used dynamic domain name, this software shows the router, I will now set up router IP gateway IP:


2008-6-3 2:26:21 router cannot connect. Please check the connection between the server and the router. The router IP is


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