Personal experience analysis of large websites how to do 301 redirect

recently in SEO group director to see a friend’s website encountered such a problem: the replacement of the new domain name website and do a 301 redirect, but after a period of time the old domain ranking was transferred to the new domain name, and the new domain name ranking decreased gradually (more serious) after half a year, ranking did not recover.

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I’ve been throughThis reminds me of

had 301, I served as figure SEO responsible person, in order to upgrade the brand need to switch to the new old domain name Larry domain. For this reason, I have done a lot of preparation. Unexpectedly, the structure is still very tragic, 301 redirect, Chinaz forecast traffic from the previous 150 thousand down to less than 50 thousand, can be described as disastrous.

analyze and solve problems


analysis, found that keywords ranking is not immediately dropped after 301, but first almost all transferred to the new domain name, and then one or two months later began to decline, and began to become more and more serious. Looking back on the process, it was discovered that there were several problems with the site:

1, there is an absolute number of old domain names on the template, resulting in a large number of export links after the new domain name is switched.

2, a lot of dead links on older, older pages.

In the months following

3 and 301, the links were removed (because the weight of the old domain name was missing).

then did the following solutions, starting with the rescue:

1, modify the template, replace the old address to the new address, and regenerate all pages.

2, change the old column template to the new template, and regenerate all the pages.

3, arrange the chain Commissioner contact each link, modify to new domain name

4, in addition, continue to strengthen the new exchange chain.

today, the webmaster tools of the website predict the traffic has been restored to about 150 thousand of the original, which shows that the above method is effective.

‘s rethinking of 301 redirects

today, when I meet other friends who have similar problems, I reflect on the whole process: what is the reason for the drop in ranking after 301 redirection?. I found that the first and second problems mentioned earlier appeared, not 301 of the time, so I think that after 301, a large number of links dropped.

so, what is the reason for the large number of Links 301 redirect after the decline? The reason is very simple: because after 301, many Links links on the site is our old domain name, and the weight of old domain name changed to 0 (the webmaster tools), so this time a lot of friendship chain.

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