Talking about the page loading method of mobile terminal App

a lot of people in the development of the mobile terminal App will often pay great attention to the page pattern is exquisite, meticulous icon and background color is attractive enough, then the connection and transition loaded directly to the page is loading mobile terminal and App page window is often easy to overlook. We can often see a lot of App after the installation of the open page appears on the tall, but the boot process such as the turtles general speed, finally often do not want to wait, many users use the 2G network to the Internet is plus, load the page App and switching is often not available, most of these reasons the problem often can change the App page load to solve or alleviate the problem caused by impact. Then, for the mobile terminal App, how to design the corresponding page loading way to reduce the page load time, reduce the waiting time of the user, thereby enhancing the user experience of App.

first, use the page full load mode. The full load of the App page is to wait until all the data on the page is read before it is loaded, and the page will be blank until all data is loaded. This page loading in WeChat we often can see, often outside the circle of friends if some links open after will become a blank page, but the most prominent advantages of all loading pages is to ensure the integrity of the page content, the waiting time is obviously disadvantages tend to be too long, waiting for a long time the user will irritability, especially in the bus or the indoor network where the signal is not good is almost unable to open a complete page. As shown below, the page is loaded entirely.

second, page content priority loading method. We often encounter such a situation, when using mobile phone App’s main purpose is to see a few words, such as the Alipay open only to the amount of revenue at the balance of treasure yesterday, so this time there is a App page content difference. When most of the content of a page is the text content of the case, we can start loading the text, picture content flow consumption can be put in the back loading, if App is used here is embedded in a web page is the Ajax asynchronous request load, many sites at PC in order to improve the user experience is also often used Ajax loading mode. This is the way the page content first loaded, its advantage is to let the user as soon as possible to get to read the content, rather than wait for too long time. The disadvantage is that some users still have no way to get the complete content of the page. As shown below, the method is to load the picture before loading the text.

third uses page automatic stretching to load. There are a lot of mobile terminal App is content to do the service, then the App page naturally can not show all content, then you need to App the contents of the list page paging operation, only display in front of a few pieces of content, then we can use the automatic loading. Users of sina micro-blog often find this feature, as shown below. Use page >

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