Name the webmaster they’re the nternet’s agents

2013, renamed the webmaster General Assembly entrepreneurs (owners) Congress, then, many people say the word what stationmaster, starting from magic decadent, is it, is it really? Beg to differ, I beg to differ. Write this article, just want to name the webmaster!


said that this year’s practitioners (webmaster) conference, I do not know whether we have noticed that micro-blog, WeChat interactive, the topic is used by the webmaster conference, rather than entrepreneurs conference. Since all Internet entrepreneurs conference, why is the topic of such an important topic in the use of webmaster conference, is the organizers of the fault, or intentionally and


webmaster, Baidu encyclopedia gives the explanation is that, with independent domain name website, through the Internet and web platform to provide users with information, channels, intermediaries and other network services person in charge. Webmaster, is a special group, they walk every day in the longest time on the Internet Group, they are the most agile group in the Internet, they are on the Internet is the largest gains group, but also to pay most of the groups on the internet. In China’s network development, in fact, the most indispensable is the webmaster, they silently pay for the Internet, can be no exaggeration to say, without them, there will be no Internet boom today. However, such a batch of silent cultivation of the webmaster, but once misinterpreted.

first, let’s talk about the local gateways. Said a local portal, you will think of the Dragon lane, Jiyang community, his life, relying on a strong user accumulation, vertical market subdivision, now the local websites in the automotive, real estate, marriage, parenting, Home Furnishing these pieces do, with ease, and the website of the responsible person, the most is the webmaster general assembly, that is also the most stand topics. From Zhou Ning teacher’s micro-blog, you can know that in his mind, the local portal webmaster this word is most cordial. His love for the stationmaster is very deep.

secondly, let’s talk about Internet promotion. Network promotion is all Internet based promotion, including SEO, SEM, website alliance, website advertisement and so on. Most of the network promotion members of the gathering place, usually in the webmaster’s home, A5 webmaster network, 28 push, etc.. Now the traditional enterprise, want to use the Internet to expand their business, regardless of the site ranking or website traffic, nature is little not to do the promotion, but they are also summed up the ranks of their owners. From Mou Changqing’s article, there are plenty of them. You can tell that his love for the station won’t change.

say that the characteristics of the vertical, everyone a better understanding of the characteristics of the site, such as cycling, fishing, Photography Forum Forum Forum, outdoor forum, PubMed forum, have done fast, small and beautiful, small and fine, compared to more convincing and prospects, otherwise why there are so many people in the vertical segments of characteristics why Kang Sheng every year the selection of the most potential development of the industry vertical community.

Among the

webmaster circles, Cai Wensheng is the best known

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