Simply let Baidu included your new station

this morning found that Baidu included my new sites (, which is in recent months, Baidu included third meters, maybe my method has certain coincidence, but the three continuous domain name included, still can be seen from some of the conditions included in the new Baidu p> < /

personally think, the new domain meters must do three basic skills, in order to get Baidu favor, in order to achieve the purpose of collection, these three points are: title, content, the chain

, a title, the most important is the title for the new m, m new title must be novel, Title: stack buzz slightly, the reason is very simple, in the Baidu search stack buzz slightly, a record are not, now the search out of the blog and the chain I, a Baidu database rare title can certainly lead to Baidu’s interest, if the new meters you named Sina, Baidu estimates absolutely ignore you

In fact,

two content, content and title guarantee is rare Baidu database on the line, as long as the search results are less than 20, that is quite good, content free to write on the line, it is best not to reprint

three, outside the chain, personally think that many sites do not need to send the chain, I usually use the laggards signature, as posted on the line, the role of the chain is to let Baidu along the link to find your website, so long as more post, Baidu will naturally come to find

summary, let Baidu included new sites, is to let Baidu feel you stand from the title and content are very novel, so in the "path, also can make the appropriate improvements, this time I used Z-blog, the default path of the Z-blog contains post, so I replace post 14fdsf7fd4fw, actually 14fdsf7fd4fw is it at random, but in the Baidu search results are 14fdsf7fd4fw, my blog, wd=14fdsf7fd4fw


above is my personal a little experience, may not experience it, but I think it is a suitable method for Baidu, the first to write articles, hoping to enter the discernment of the administrator.

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