Photo say a few major literary sites those domain names things

‘s tea tea recently novel network fantasy novel network changed its name into Huanxia novels, and enable the Viewtiful Larry domain, tea main phonetic domain strategy, and make the attention vision transfer to literary website, the domestic online novel reading mode is very popular nowadays, especially in the young in the three stages is online reading model of "main force", following the easy to understand the domestic literature website.


starting point Chinese sit tight in the first chair


last week from the literature website ranking was informed that the user clicks the highest starting point is the starting point Chinese network, founded in 2001, is an earlier in the domestic literature website, its status can not be ignored, however interesting, as early as in the original starting point at the beginning of the site does not use the domain name, the domain name is the abbreviation used earlier the domain name, there are some bottlenecks in the website more operation and promotion, in 2007, Chinese network starting point for the development needs to the 58 city Yao Jinbo bought domain name, the domain name change power site, also strengthen the domestic literature network ranked first place.

vertical and horizontal later showed positive


and Chinese network was established in September 2008, this period basically literary websites have become the development trend of the perfect website, on the occasion of the launch will be used the local Pinyin Pinyin domain name, domain name in the domestic more memory and recognition, and Chinese net win little achievement in the aspects of the domain name, based in the literature website at present, the latest data show that this week, the number of users covered for 430, ranking fourth.

English domain name unique


read the novel network was founded in May 2004, its inception will enable the pure English domain name, to today website daily daily visits nearly 50 million of global traffic ranking history up to 171, the development of brilliant, however, since the site is still in the domain name English flagship, with the wind does not move the firm faith, but it is in the position in reading is very high, at present this week ranked fifth.

Jinjiang original web is also a year


Jinjiang original net is the largest female literature base in China. It was founded in August 2003. The website has nearly 900 thousand registered users, and the daily visit is over

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