Actual combat experience from the website is K talk about the importance of the original content

I do graduates website for a period of time, in November 11th last year when setting up, because the feeling is not good, plus the domain name is 5D6D of free space, some users reflect open slowly, another point is that the development of their own ideas is not very clear, the website made out of order. So, on the 04 or 15 day of the year, I set up a new graduate website. Corn is a few letters of BYSCN.

new sites rely on the old station resources, whether in search engines included, or in the PR value promotion, have great advantages. Three days or so, each search has included, half a month’s time, just to catch up with the PR update, and then to 3. I’m so excited about that.

in the early stage, I really original and pseudo original, a lot of articles, Baidu included in the rising steadily. Later because of busy graduation thesis, I will increase the strength of the Ctrl+C/V, the beginning is not much feeling, see their website Baidu included from 200 to 700, is also excited about a few days, however, good times don’t last long, just over three days, I collected station to more than 100. With the decrease included in the website weight reduction, previously ranked in the first page of keywords, now ranked fifth pages.

although we have been shouting a slogan, do not rely too much on search engines. But we all know, less Baidu traffic is tantamount to the loss of the whole country. Things have happened, and after a while they’ll have to find some solutions.

write soft Wen, weighted weight. Write soft text, with links, weighted weight. This is one of the important ways to lure Baidu spider to the web site. Write soft Wen, A5.

original. In the near future, don’t collect first, first improve Baidu’s impression of the website. Baidu is a website and intimacy, intimacy put up, small errors in other retention later made steady.

I have not collected

miscellaneous, pure original. And I came in to find, pure original article, or after the integration of pseudo original, excellent article can bring a lot of traffic. In the long-term development of vision, you webmaster friends, let us original together,


recently I intend to engage in the station send Q coins activities to increase popularity, what advice can you make up on my web site, the web site is, if your advice is good, I will send to you to Oh!!! (hope the editor can keep this link, I always give a person is in the middle of the night think, really hope webmaster friends can give their own opinions.


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