A junior high school language teacher site experience

as a webmaster in the second grade college contact pages, that is, in the free space, only FP produced a few pages. Later, to the 51 tiger wings free space, do or HTML page. Later the PowerEasy then became popular in the XX net to buy hundreds of M space, by moving to station.

, however, as a result of the 2 upgrade failed, more than 6 thousand of the accumulated members were returned to 0, and another data was re entered. Through the efforts, it was the site of a more than 2 thousand member, I myself in order to give the students reading learning collected nearly more than 6 thousand articles writing and reading, while the daily traffic reached 1000, after a few days to several flow quickly, this just know originally a lot of traffic from Baidu, Baidu now closed station. As a result of this blow, I gave up the mobile update, and did the forum, first made BBSXP, a month later changed to the ASP popular mobile network forum. After more than 1 years of BBS development, Baidu or not included. BBS do not know that day there is a fault, that is, can not login, try many methods are not good.

this time began to pop flat-share space, I bought 1000 yuan 8G flat-share space, this space not only support ASP also supports PHP SQL, began to delete the original data (PowerEasy), after a month, Baidu is not included, I decided to try again to do, put the contents of all delete considering the future development, decided to change the php+sql program. And then in the station to see an article about what Baidu is releasing, learn to know to write. I’ll write to Baidu.

letter I uploaded a station built in the Dede program, a number of teaching materials, Baidu soon saw 10 a few pages, there are some pages of the forum, and finally out of the construction of the first page of Dede, but some of the features of Dede have not realized place in my space look, PHP168 is the provincial V6 what, I think the good luo. Go and wait every day. Come out, upload the new program to cover the original website, built now I love your Chinese website, the original Dede content to new program, and use another domain name point it to do another website. After hard work, the computer’s teaching materials are uploaded, because a person to do the station, limited time, sometimes more updates, sometimes less. In this way, Google obviously included more, and now about 4000 of it. Baidu has only 1 pages, and now Baidu snapshot in 8.7.

snapshot in August dozen, or only one page?. Now I think I will never go to the data acquisition, data collection is not much, but to the essence, we must face the teacher station, not Baidu, otherwise the flow did not keep up the teacher, website development. As a result, after doing so, the flow of 100ip every day or so, I did not do any publicity, I feel very tired propaganda, and may be related to character. An average of 1 new members per day, not long ago

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