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What is

operation, and what is done between the product and the user is called operation. What is the operation of the electricity supplier, mainly in the user, between goods and platforms as?. Dry electricity supplier for a period of time, talk about some of my ideas about the operation of the electricity supplier. From the user, commodity point of view, how to operate my small electricity supplier?.

How do

users come to


wants users to come and have to let users know, so it must be promoted. Promotion is divided into online promotion and offline promotion. Online promotion with WeChat as an example.

online promotion

individual micro signals for powder absorption, and ultimately only for public number

creates a lot of personal WeChat trumpet, best female, with a variety of beautiful pictures, and each number have a circle of friends by synchronization, when the content enough, you can go with friends. A small can add 5000 friends or so, and get more than a few trumpet is tens of thousands of.

paste bar, forums, know almost, today’s headlines and other community issued a document or comment, beautiful words, it is easy to add people.

People close to

, in different places to open WeChat near the people, there will be a lot of people see beauty plus.

drifting bottles, which say "sincere" or "interesting" or "deep" words, are usually added.

unfamiliar street class and other public, minority dating software, apply for various signals to do micro marketing.

WeChat public number

submit WeChat public number to WeChat navigation site, with search engines included is the same.

personal micro signal crazy powder, friends circle issued a document, and then diversion to the WeChat public number

looking for other public powders, looking for high quality public numbers as follows:

The type of

public number can not be blindly chosen, to choose their own number of public positioning similar to the


identify each other public number is zombie numbers, using measuring tools, data detection of the public number, the main indicator for the detection of tweets, articles, comments, comments and points like the number, number, reading is a reward, a fan message function.

releases original articles from the media platform, industry media site – faction network, from the media platform – NetEase, from the media, Jane book, from the media community – know watercress.

regular activities to activate the public atmosphere. For example, printed two-dimensional code

on gift packaging

from time to time to participate in various exhibitors and sponsorship conference prizes. Print two-dimensional codes on prizes.

uses other channels for promotion, the official website, the official micro-blog, QQ, blog,

Promotion under


line promotion is the ground promotion.


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