n fact China’s nternet is very innovative

see a lot of people criticize our country Internet without the spirit of innovation, from the search engine to the video site to social networking sites, the whole is a copy! Not so! But they lack eyes. The creative spirit of the Chinese people is no inferior to any foreigner!


imitation is a necessary process of innovation. No solid precipitation, where the sublimation of innovation, just as Einstein can come up with the theory of relativity without exception, that is a very deep foundation of physics. Let me give you a few examples of how the Chinese people are innovating,



The innovation of

concept has not copied the existing model. Let people know: the original music website can do so! Completely different – and other music websites allow users to create content, everyone can become a musician! A little innovation concept, attractive pursuit of individuality, fashion of the user, also can attract venture capital.


drop out network – user object innovation. Throw aside the inertia of garbage websites and turn your attention to marginalized groups, you should have thought very few people should drop out of school. Who have been successful, but China lamented the success of the education, also caused the reflection on site planning: with the development of network, subdivision has become a trend, China population, just to find a crack to do, can be as big! It also reminded me of the two years of popular industry, not that has a successful case will have to follow the trend of large-scale behavior, like trash industry, patio cover industries have achieved great success.


Innovation of

profit model. Tencent Inc may be the world the most perfect company profit model, the fees can get in by every opening, is as the acme of perfection! I admire the most is QQ and QQ show the charging elephant custom. I rely on, this can collect money! This must be the world’s first! Why Tencent even this simple low-level applications dare to charge, is also very simple, it knows the young people in order to " personality " very willing to spend money. Look at the QQ show consumption list, the horse would be happy: young people are very silly very naive!


The innovation of

promotion mode. The first placed in the download file documentation, each download a file to do an advertisement! Now this approach has been followed by almost all download station.

in conclusion, the innovation is actually very simple, China’s Internet is very innovative! As long as more than one mind, it may be very different!


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