From the security Shijinbumei millions all over said information website traffic

7 pm, located in Nanjing Mochouhu road Vanke golden home district, a security guard found a blue bag on patrol, open and found one million yuan……

in the morning, saw a news, say is a security guard picked up a bag of money in the area, and immediately reported to the company, this spirit lets the modern people envy and awe.

as of now, this news immediately caused Tencent users 68000 replies, and then I in Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other large media to find, and did not find the existence of this news.

actually, what I’m trying to say is that this news is a potential stock, and if you fire, he can bring traffic to your website. Especially the information network or entertainment network. No matter how true the news is. Although the news he is not the major media in the. But he did attract 68000 of the netizens. 68000 clicks appear in the Tencent above. If your hands are fast enough. You can at least make 6800 traffic on your information network or forum,


of course, I’m not writing this article, I’m going to copy Tencent articles right now.

I think the first condition for a good stationmaster is a sharp eye and a good attitude to sum up. The first thing to do every day is not to see how much traffic the site has, or to update your website. You should watch the news more, pay more attention to what happens every day, then record, think well, and tap some potentially valuable news to drive the flow of the website. It’s not just a collection system that helps you find some old, smelly junk news. Collecting system systems, though, brings more information. But it’s also easy to train garbage stations. Be careful with the webmaster,


may be a bit confused, I hope useful to everyone.

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