Confused life confused chose the network

2002 I began to play computer! First I only play games! CS a strange game! In 2003 after graduating from junior high school I have always wanted to do my own personal website! So I chose to study website! In 2003 after graduating from junior high school I went to a school learning network station occupation


began my father bought a computer for me to learn! But I used to play the game every day! And they seldom go to school! After one semester I do not learn! My father also told me very disappointed! Put me into the field to work! I came to a 16 year old strange city! I didn’t earn 10 Fen has spent thousands of pieces of my parents 3 months after I got back home!! at that time I returned home after continuously looking for several jobs! But always do a few days away! Most of the more than 1 months to do a


(the most difficult day to forget)

one day when I was on the Internet, I accidentally found a website. It was specially provided for someone else’s personal website. It’s free!


looks so simple! So I’ll start my own research! It just started! Nothing! Just hit some words and put some pictures on it!


later discovered that he could use some special effects to make web pages very beautiful, and he began to be curious. How do you sleep every day,


at that time, because the home computer can not access the Internet, can only go to the Internet bar every day!


that time every day at noon to eat lunch on the bike went to a cafe, slowly began to study every day from noon to play 6-7 in the afternoon to go home, for a week after the dozens of pieces of nothing! At that time only to ask my mother, my mother and I said: " mother to me 5 dollars I go to the Internet, I now learn to do in their web page, I can be used to make money, I am very serious in " my mother every day I have to run in the Internet bar, I saw a very serious look will give me $5 every day to the Internet, because we are here in a the Internet is a dollar an hour, so one afternoon also 5! This life lasted for a month, I began to network how to make money to curiosity, I am looking for a long time to find an advertising alliance (mainland advertising) I also began to try to advertise a after the end of month advertising In the total to 100 yuan, you can send money, I waited, and so on for another month, the money still did not send, and since then I began to network disappointed,


once found a website recommending an ad League, and I put it up again and tried….

(grow in experience.)

when I was very confused on the network, my dad suddenly asked me to go to Hangzhou to work, then what I have no work, no money, I can only go to the feeling is in a complete mess, to a strange city to start.

I came to Hangzhou >

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