Look at the stickiness of new and old users of the website through Google statistics

hasn’t updated his blog for two days. I don’t know what to write. Recently started trying to use Google statistics, found that the function is really very powerful. For example, new and old users access this feature. I used 51LA to see the proportion of new and old users at most. But through the Google statistics, can analyze new and old users more data, but also can see the new users and repeat customers users sticky difference is how big. Today, I use my new station ZZDH webmaster navigation as a sample, and share with you the next new 10 days navigation site new and old user stickiness.


New Visitor stands for the new access user, that is, the first access user

Returning Vistor stands for 2 users over the

1: the percentage of new visitors and repeat visitors


through the figure you can see, the proportion of old users accounted for 41.56%, for a launch only 10 days or so new sites, 41.56% of the old users have been very high. My independent blog has been doing more than 3 months, and the number of repeat customers is only 30% per day, mainly new users. Through the comparison of two websites repeat customers also found that the site navigation station user loyalty is really higher. Because the blog this thing entirely attracted by content, but it is not destined to have new content every day, so as not to attract users to watch every day, so the number of repeat customers is much less. Even the most loyal readers of my blog will come only a few days to visit, and unless I can continue to update it every day, some users will become accustomed to seeing it every day.

but the navigation station can say that the content will not change every day, but why attract more repeat customers?. This is different from the product positioning, navigation station is the entrance of Internet users, Adsense navigation is also the industry access to the Internet entrance. When they find many useful websites from the navigation station, but because there is too much to remember, because of the need for work, many people will use the navigation station every day. That’s why navigation stations have been established for a long time, but they are more likely than my independent bloggers. And I watched, about 10 days after www.zzdh.net was established, and the repeat customers were getting more and more each day. As time goes on, when the site no longer promotes anything, older users may reach 70%, while 30% of the new users will come from search engines or other web sites.

two: the average number of pages visited by new users and repeat customers is


can see through the figure that the average number of pages an old user visits is 1.96 pages, while the new user is 1.75 pages. Because of the special nature of navigation products, many users come in

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