A personal webmaster’s thinking to rational view of Baidu

no matter whether the stationmaster accepts or not, now the Internet is the world of search engines. Especially for those unknown small and medium-sized sites, more than eighty percent of its natural flow from Baidu, Google and other search traffic. As China’s Internet boss, Baidu is the most controversial. Some people hate Baidu, some people favor Baidu, but it is undeniable that every webmaster, and even those portals, are relying on Baidu. For Baidu, I personally think that we should be rational, and not happy, momentary anger temporarily.

1, Baidu always put their products in the front, you said Baidu injustice, put their own site in front of the row, very rubbish. That Google how often also Baidu stick it and know, encyclopedia content row in front, this shows that Baidu know, stick it, Wikipedia weight is deserved, should be in front of

2, bidding was K? Who is this rumor made? Would you please tell me what is inside Baidu bidding website? You can find my own fan a slap in the face of Baidu! You lack the money? Advertisers results came in a prominent position of the other engine that no ground for blame, do. But they are less, because they are weak! They look strong they will be just


3, Baidu’s presence is good for the webmaster. What if Baidu is finished? Google controls the search market in China? Maybe. It is not a monopoly? Do we Chinese haven’t tasted enough of the lack of competition brings us suffer? Baidu is "China company" or "company" or not, how to say he is Chinese – control in the hands of Mr. Robin Li, he funded us, can bring benefits to us is good information! Spring breeze of reform and opening up are blowing for thirty years, this bend also turn to


4, Baidu included too harsh, not so, it only included some strict standards, before Baidu included new sites need one or two days, now normal is half a month, not afraid of you again how to search engine to people, is of no significance, the key is to look at how to adapt to the tide, some say they were not "stationmaster" abandon Baidu, but Baidu abandoned them, hey, this is not cheap? Baidu give you collected is your father, you have not included is the enemy! Why Baidu included strictly? Because it knows that decides its fate is the Internet, not like some "stationmaster" say "webmaster to Baidu K Baidu will shut down, your combined shielding Baidu, I’m serious support! But please don’t take all the webmaster definition.

5, rational analysis of K station, many "stationmaster" claimed that Baidu chaos K station, and come up with a lot of examples, I just brought a few look, I think K is not wrong, the K, the reason is very simple: it is the crazy crazy keyword collection, accumulation, or is connected by the K website, either the content is dirty and disgusting, rub unbearable, so the station, or do the original, no cheat "


above is what I do

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