How does SNS translate user flow into cash flow


SNS website as a commercial product, its historical mission is to gather user, and the user flow "into the" cash flow "; therefore, how to improve the site’s" user flow "? And how to solve the" user flow "into the" cash flow "? Has become the two core problems of the SNS website facing, to solve the two key problems need to solve the following five questions one by one:

first, how to attract potential users to register? For the traditional website, enterprises "marketing" is the best choice for websites to attract users to register; but for websites such as SNS, enterprises "marketing" and the best choice may not attract users, partly because of its high cost, on the other hand because the effect is not ideal; for these two reasons, one might suspect, but if you are a people in the industry know get million level investment site did not do it (here is not named), and contrary to some did not get your investment but at a very good pace of development.

the best way should be user station broadcast. How to do a good job standing outside broadcast has become the key to solve the problem of attracting users to register. The so-called stand outside broadcast: on the one hand need to spread the people, on the one hand need to spread the channel, on the other hand, also need to have the content of the dissemination. The site has the communicator user base is very good, but whether to participate in the communication, depends on the content of the website and the rules of the game whether it can promote the communication and communication channels? I think from a mobile phone to QQ/MSN, then EMAIL, BLOG and so on are all good choices, for which one of the most needed according to the characteristics of the user base site to set; the core is the dissemination of the contents, the final results will determine the forms of content dissemination, because it directly affects the recipient whether to accept the content to the website registered, it may not be the most product manager can do, but also one of the many SNS managers a headache.

second, how to improve the rate of registered users leave the station? In fact a bit level SNS website (except the pseudo SNS website, conceptual SNS website) never lack to registered users (many SNS sites are registered every day, but tens of thousands of) lack of ability to retain users, registered users can stay the poor (like a street beautiful girl with you is numerous, few); on this issue, I have proposed a "don’t let me lonely" plan to solve, so, how to solve the user will not feel lonely? Based on SNS for more than 3 years of learning study, I personally feel that the "user data" is the key, the SNS website is actually a user behavior study of the demand of the "social action research" place, and user information is "individual" into "society The key area of groups ", each user of the" data "is not only a resume, its value is the more numerous" individual "is formed between a network of" social groups "structure, that is to say the user information.

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