How to improve website traffic

how to improve the site traffic, this is the webmaster’s most concerned topic. I am also concerned about, ha ha, recently found a good way. That’s the hard stack key. Master can not see, ha ha, some people say, Baidu k you ha ha, K it, I’m not afraid, without Baidu, still can flow.

the fastest way to improve website traffic is to pile up keywords. In fact, there are many other ways, but those are more tired. In fact, we are too afraid of Baidu you want, even if it does not K you, you do not get traffic from it, and K what two? If you want to get traffic, and do not want to risk, you may feel? Baidu is just a tool, we should make good use of. K let it go K, wait for your station on the content of the rich, who K who is not sure miles. Perhaps I am a rookie, do not know the specific rules of the Internet, but I think the truth is interlinked: the courage to die, starve to death, timid.

is not afraid to tell you, I made a garbage station, Baidu has not been included, I think Baidu is very cheap, and so I use the means, I will directly use the keyword pile up a few articles. Only two days, and received more than 5000, you say, is it cheap?. Later, the flow for a while high, a little low, I would like to, anyway, at the beginning is also a IP, K, K on it. I used a lot of high flow words on the billboard. Ha ha, the flow has been rising, really cool. In fact, figured out that you can do it, I know little of the network, I may not have the means to master the inferior, but if you don’t have much traffic, also want to make a station, the station to see who? I think nobody wants their station every day a IP or browse. Don’t worry. Take it seriously. There’s nothing wrong with it.

I believe, as long as it is to use the station to make money friends, with my this method, there must be no mistake, you think about how many websites, I do not believe that Baidu’s program is so powerful, you can accurately correct. Of course, the large, high traffic, can not. Some people will say, you are not afraid of being K? Ha ha, by K count what? You just get a station, are standing, you are also webmaster, ha ha, and they are the same level. And between people is equal, ha ha, but it is temporarily a little richer than us.

Oh, not because of the fear of it, afraid of what K K? Are you afraid of it, it will give you a little more traffic, you see I’m not afraid, not just a day from Baidu to IP more than 3000, ha ha, look have a sense of achievement, I had a chance to get the QQ space Related words, the whole a page, all black, bold, ha ha, the two week I was in traffic smile: this way can, ha ha.


, the key point is not tell you: I used to do this principle comes from real life, playing basketball friends all know, master moves are not only good, good physical quality, the key is fake is better, I just use this trick for Baidu and GG to action: it is not false I am just a K? >

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